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About My Furry Kid
My Furry Kid started in a dining room as we thought about the idea of selling humane alternatives to animal accessories such as dog collars and safety belts. Little did we know, that the conversation would bring us to where we are today. What began as a plan to sell products that change the way we treat our furry kids, turned into a widespread game changer.

The truth is, our day to day lives carry us right over our suffering surroundings. Our planet, the ecosystems in which our livestock and animal kingdom exist in are in need of our help. Our thoughts were, if we don’t do something, then who will?

The idea behind My Furry Kid is to create a “give back” movement! We believe in today’s social good marketplace which is why we designed a brand that provides high quality merchandise to help raise awareness and funding for the organizations and charities that we believe are making a difference.

Our Mission:
We started My Furry Kid as a way to fund non-profit organizations who believe that our world could use a little more love and put the word, change, back into action. Our greatest hope is that you will give, not for the shirts and the enjoyment alone of wearing our apparel, but more so for the cause!

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